Just Imagine... millions of potential guests with mobile phones, being able to find and interactively contact their nearest accommodation in just a couple of clicks...

You’ve just imagined..
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You can now have your own Fast, Mobile Friendly, Interactive Dial a Room Page
Available in UK and Republic of Ireland.
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Directory information – dialaroom.tel provides the fastest, safest, easiest way for your customers to contact you in a couple of clicks from any internet connected P.C. or mobile device...
Read More Dial a Room Information As Well as your full Business Address – An interactive Google Map accurately pinpoints your business and interacts with GPS
Read More Dial a Room Information Business information – If your accommodation website contact page looks and interacts as good as this on a mobile,(see mobile phone screenshot on right) then you must have already subscribed to dialaroom.tel...
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Apart from usual name, address, telephones, you can add email, web address, fax, mobiles, premium numbers, sms, user names, web links, skype, msn, google, icq, all chats,ftp, secure web,sip, h323, mms ems phone,sms ems mms email, other links, google maps, business information, rates, keywords...
A basic dialroom.tel page costs from just
£6 (UK)
Euro 9 (Ireland)
for a whole year.
Can you afford not to be in it?
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